"Joining Friendswood Pilates has brought me real results in muscle tone and flexibilities I thought I had lost at 52 years of age! I am now aware of muscles that work that I never knew existed in my body. Who would have thought I could achieve results this quickly from only a few hours a week and two months time. The Instructors are proficient in their knowledge and guide/nurture me to challenge myself, working hard yet hardly breaking a sweat….if that makes sense! That is the magic of working muscle groups one at a time. Pilates brings results…helping me to redefine my body. What is so exciting is that I'm just getting started…..who said that you can't look good at 52? Obviously, they don't know Pilates!"

-- Susan

"I began this Pilates workout two and a half years ago after my second child was born by c-section. I absolutely love it! It gives me strength, balance and energy to keep up with my 7 year old and toddler. In just one hour I can work arms, legs, back and abs. Other workouts would quickly bore me but this one is always fun, challenging, and it works those hard-to-tone lower abs. Pilates is here to stay because it works and anyone can do it!"

 -- Sue

"Wow! This is the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. I am amazed at how much work my abs get, along with every other muscle in my body! No more videos for me. Thanks for the inspiration."

-- Melinda

"I'm upset that I put this off. I had heard about Pilates but did not realize how much it was going to change my body. I have trained so intensely for years and not seen the results in my body as I have with Pilates. Not only do I look great but I feel even better. Pilates on the Allegro is so awesome. Everyone should give this a try."

-- Jane

"My Pilates class is making a difference! My chiropractor was VERY impressed with the strength in my back, stating that it is looking great after a recent car accident. He said whatever I'm doing to keep doing it because it is helping to keep my back stable. I have had several people comment on my overall physique. I have fewer backaches and feel good. I can feel myself gaining strength in not only the core area but in my upper body and quadriceps (where I am really weak). It amazes me how many body parts can be exercised with Pilates."

-- Becky

"I work in a very high pressured industry of financial planning. I have relied on a regular exercise program to keep me competitive and stress free. For the last three years I have used a women's gym circuit training. Six weeks ago I began my developmental classes of Pilates training. The first thing I noticed was that my tension and stress was greatly reduced. The hour class went very fast and I felt terrific. After six weeks my progress was measured to my delight, I have lost two inches in my waist, hips and thighs. All of those were my target areas. I find the Pilates Studio staff very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to look and feel better about themselves."

-- Laura

"I started taking because I needed low impact exercises and found Pilates 5 years ago. I have loved every minute of the exercise, fun, and comradery of the group class. The teachers have been great and I love trying new ones. Each brings their own unique style and personality. I have toned down and found muscles I never knew I had. I would highly recommend the studio for so many reasons."

 -- Cheri

"I am a 63 year old woman who has always been health conscious. I have tried almost all forms of exercise. I even ran a half marathon! I tried Pilates using the reformer machines which I enjoyed very much. After two years I wanted a new challenge and started taking mat classes. I have found exercise that I really enjoy. It has taken me some time to be able to do some of the exercises, but I have learned so much and have more to learn. I feel I have so much more core strength, and at last I can tell at difference in my abs!!!! My husband has been very complimentary of my appearance."

-- Deidra