Owner Biographies


As owners of The Pilates Studio of Friendswood we are a husband and wife team with complimentary backgrounds in the health and fitness world. With a holistic, wellness minded approach to most things in our life, gaining and maintaining a quality of life through exercise prescription is no exception. The development of The Pilates Studio of Friendswood is a true partnership committed to quality Pilates instruction, extreme customer service, and a scientific approach to building better bodies to allow others a higher quality of life.

Kristen Redding

Baylor University B.S. in Kinesiology and Health
Baylor University M.S. in Sports Management

Kristen's collegiate Track and Field background led her to coach and train Track and Field athletes in 1991. As the Head Women's Track Coach at San Jacinto College she maintained a National ranked Women's program during her tenure. She coached numerous All-Americans and Olympians until the Track and Field program was cut for budgetary reasons. As a Professor of Physical Education and co-author of Physical Fitness: Concepts and Applications, she is also the Wellness Coordinator for the faculty and staff of San Jacinto Colleges Central Campus. "Since I have been training the human body for many years, I was able to see the immediate value of Pilates training. With "core strength" being essential in so many ways, most athletes and non-athletes alike will ultimately benefit from this type of training. I can't help but think, what kind of athlete I could have been, had I been exposed to this type of training. As a mother of two, I no longer desire to be an athlete. I want to spend as little time as possible training, yet I want to see the results. My days of pounding it out in the gym are over. Since Pilates is a 55-minute total body workout, I can see incredible results by training twice a week. Combined with a simple walking program I am able to maintain the results I want."

- Kristen Redding


Dr. David M. Redding

Texas Chiropractic College 1989
Acupuncture, Active Release Technique, Stretch Therapy, Advanced Nutritional Testing

Dr. David Redding has extensive experience in the treatment and diagnosing of injuries, in particular, sports injuries. With years of involvement in the Professional world of Track and Field he has attended countless high caliber meets such as the Olympic Trials, US Nationals and World Championships. Though his reputation among the professional athletic world would allow him many traveling luxuries, he is a family man. Staying committed to his established Chiropractic office in Friendswood is his focus. With a true multidisciplinary approach he incorporates his many credentialed expertise to the care of his patients. The addition of Pilates came purely out of a need to continue to help his patients. "The buzz word today is optimizing the "mind body experience", and through contact with different modalities my patients receive the most advanced tools to achieve this mind/body connection. Pilates allows me an opportunity to offer something to my patients that extends past patient care that allows them to regain or restore the "hygiene" of the spine and musculo-skeletal system. This allows the patient to benefit from having a strong healthy spine and posture, thus allowing them to better offset the multiple forces that injure the spine."

- David Redding